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Prospective Officers

Salary and Benefits

Starting Salary 2017:

Recruit/Patrolman 3rd Class (1st Year) $46,229/yr
Patrolman 2nd Class (2nd Year) $51,000/yr
Patrolman 1st Class (3rd Year) $56,861/yr

Shift Incentives: 

  • Bonus for afternoon and midnight shift officers 
  • Paid basic and lateral on-the-job (FTO) Training
  • Special Duty incentives (SWAT, FTO, RRT, etc.)
  • Court Pay during non-working hours
  • Pay for: Holidays, longevity, on-call, and hazardous duty
  • Take Home Car program (upon FTO completion)
  • Uniforms and equipment provided, quarterly clothing allowance
  • Health and life Insurance
  • Military and college incentive programs
  • Paid vacations, sick leave, and personal days
  • Sick time buy-back program
  • One-time recruitment bonus for successful referrals
  • Annual bonus for officers residing in South Bend City limits
  • PERF Pension: Retirement after 20 years of service, with the ability to collect pension beginning at age 52


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